Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources For Beginners

Written by Peter Day

Where to Find The Best Traffic For New Affiliates

Top Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources To Start With

Hi guys, Peter Day here. In this video/article I want to talk about top affiliate marketing traffic sources, and which ones affiliate marketers should start with.

If you are new, due to the learning curve I recommend that you start with one traffic source only.

In this industry, there are so many aspects to get familiar with: Facebook, Google ads, Bing, PPV, native, display, etc. that it can get overwhelming. Later, when you are more advanced and you have the capital, it’s not only okay but even advisable to do multiple traffic sources simultaneously.

What you shouldn’t start with

  • I would rule out native ads because it’s harder to find success with them on a low budget. Players who do native ads successfully, understand that it might not get profitable until you spend $10,000-$20,000 on a campaign.
  • I would also rule out blogs; although free, they take a lot of your time, not only to write for hours every day but to get any traction and decent Google ranking, even with a ton of content. Blogging can be a moderate side business, but it definitely cannot be your main source of income.
  • Google ads (see below)

What Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources Should You Start With?

I recommend either Facebook or Bing ads, as you can get immediate results with a low but consistent budget. Spending $10-$20 a day can be a viable way to start on these platforms.

Google ads are not recommended for new marketers, as they tend to have a higher CPC.

Bing’s limited traffic means that your daily spending will eventually be capped, e.g. we couldn’t spend above $300 a day for certain keywords. Until your capital allows for that kind of spending, Bing is highly recommended over Google, despite the fact that in order to hit the first page of Bing, you need to bid quite high.

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Tyler and I, we also started with Bing back then, and it worked great until we realized the platform just won’t spend more than about $300 a day for us. If we wanted to spend $1,000, it would still cap out at $300-400, simply due to lack of traffic. Then we ventured over to Facebook, took the same landing page, the same funnels over from Bing to FB, tried to see if we can spend more a day. We could, and got astronomical results. Today, we are almost 80% Facebook, because we get the volume and scalability with this platform.

Not all affiliate marketing and CPA marketing traffic sources are created equally.

Bing, however, is very easy, stable, and predictable. You spend $20 a day and you get moderate results. It’s a low-risk system, great for starting out.

AdWords Wrapper tool for Bing or Google ad keywords

Probably more suited to advanced affiliates, but I recommend this tool at, whether you use Bing or Google. You can type in multiple keywords, and it generates a new list of keywords that combines these with common modifier words. Research terms like Broad Match, Exact Match, Phrase Match, etc. to see what the tool can do.

Closing thoughts

There are many Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources, but I would start looking into these 3 pretty heavily, to begin with.

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Have a good one! I hope these affiliate marketing traffic sources help! Looking forward to your success.

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