I wanted to take some time and reflect on a recent speaking engagement with Charles Ngo in
New York City.

Peter Day (writing this) and Tyler Day had the opportunity to speak for 3 days at a Charles Ngo affcelerator event with about 35 hungry students in attendance from all over the world.

We met students from Amsterdam, Hawaii, Australia and all over the place.

Here’s a few pictures:

Peter Day (Left) , Charles Ngo (Middle) , Tyler Day (Right)

What Was The Event About?

So we opened up Day 1 with a lot on Facebook Ads. Facebook has been a huge focus of ours
and a core part of our business.

We taught students on how to target with Facebook ads (what the best type of targeting is, lookalikes, broad and advanced targeting), what time of day to launch ads, how to scale Facebook ads and more.

On Day 3, we showed students a few case studies of winning campaigns we had. We showed
a Car Loan, Nursing and Auto Insurance affiliate marketing campaign that where all successful.

Each evening there was networking events at different locations in Time Square where Charles Ngo attended and talked with students and we all got to network with each other.

What Did The Schedule Look Like?

If your the type of student that wants content and the absolute highest value, then
Charles Ngo is for you.

Tyler and I actually attended the Charles Ngo summit in San Diego in 2017 before getting
asked back to be guest speakers at the next summit.

The days were packed with value.

From roughly 9 am to 6 pm each day, we met at the Millennium Broadway Hotel New York,
where we listened to Charles Ngo train and where we also spoke.

Charles covered tons of good content, from Facebook ads, to mobile marketing, hiring and
outsourcing, team-building and more.

Students loved the content and the questions where endless.

Should You Go To A Charles Ngo Event?

Hands down, Yes! (If he has them). Charles Ngo is a bit exclusive, meaning, he actually might not do anymore affcelerator events (he said this in New York). However, if he opens the doors to a future event, you will want to be the first to interview and see if you can get in.

Peter Day


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