Facebook Ads Stuck in Review?

Written by Peter Day

How to Fix Facebook Ads in Review

How to Fix Facebook Ads Stuck in Review

How’s it going guys, it is Peter Day here with Optimize To Convert.

Today’s topic is: What to do with your Facebook ads that are stuck in review status?

If you guys are running Facebook ads, you might run across this, and it’s good to have some tactics.

Recently, I was trying to run some ads that were incredibly white hat, very clean ads.

For some reason, they were not getting approved or disapproved. They were basically staying in Review status, practically forever.

It got a little bit ridiculous to the point where my brother launched the ads, then we went to a conference, we came back from a conference, and the ads were still Pending Review.

I gave it 2-3 more days, and they were still pending review. “This is ridiculous”, I thought. It has been about seven days, and the ads had not been approved nor disapproved.

So this is a direct response to my own experience here in the last couple of days with it.

I started researching what to do about the situation, and a lot of people had different opinions. Some people were just saying to wait it out, but in my case, it was not practical. So, these are 3 steps that I took. I didn’t even have to get to step four, because the other steps solved this.

Step 1: Turn on and off adsets

Let’s say you have 10 ads inside your adset. Select all 10, go up in ads manager and while you have them all selected on a bulk level, and just pause all of them. Then check them again and then press on.

A couple of ads finally got approved within an hour or so.

Step 2: Duplicate them

Another thing I did was that I duplicated them as well. I had ~10 ads, checked and pressed “Duplicate” in Facebook.

I ended up having a lot of ads on the adset level, about 20.

However, when I duplicated the ads, and published the dupes, within a couple of hours, I started noticing at least 70% of (these new ads) ads getting approved.

Step 3: Watch out for images with embedded text in them

One of my ads had an image with text in it — not even too much.

You’re allowed to have about 20% text in Facebook images. This image was not even too much text. I noticed that the ads that had the text in them were still not going through, stuck in Pending Review.

So after all the above, I just changed the ad image to something more generic and without text in the image. I published those new image ads and within about an hour, I had all of my ads approved.

Step 4: Contact Support

The final thing you can do is contact support.

This is a special Facebook support link, for ads that are in review longer then 24 hours.


When they ask for “Ad ID” , take notice, that Ad ID is found by doing “custom columns” in your ads manager, and finding a column for Ad ID. AD ID is not the same as post ID. for Case number put N/A. Under notes, ask them to review all your ads and put in your ad account ID, for the whole ad account.

I was able to solve these issues completely, but if you do run across this issue, at least you know how to troubleshoot it now. The last resort is to contact Facebook support.

It was very frustrating; it took me about seven days to get any ads in this ad account approved, however, these tricks above solved it.

If your ads are not approved within 24/48 hours, there’s probably something weird going on, so do these steps. Having waited an entire seven days obviously didn’t work, but these steps did.

These are some tricks here, and I hope they will help you!
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Stay tuned for more tricks, we will be posting a lot on different Facebook campaign hacks and email and native strategies and more.Paragraph

Hopefully, this finds you well, this is Peter and we’ll talk soon!