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How To Earn A Full-Time Income Doing Lead Generation

My journey as a marketer started in 2012 when I figured out that people were making tons of money online doing something called "affiliate marketing". Affiliate marketing is basically selling other people's products for commission. I started in 2012 selling other people's courses on a blog that I had, and then soon figured out paid [...]

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(Postcast) The Day Brothers on Building A Million Dollar Team

Recently we did a podcast for Seven Figure Entrepreneur and dropped a few knowledge bombs on FB ads and team building. In this episode we talk about how we grow our business with a team of media buyers and other secrets. Here is the podcast below WHY YOU NEED A TEAM When your first getting [...]

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Tyler Day’s First Check

  Tyler Day's First Check I remember it so clearly. The first affiliate commission check I ever received in 2012. The amount on the check was $109.77. Not an earth shattering amount, but significant nonetheless. See it was this first check that changed the course of my life forever. Prior to receiving this check all [...]

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6 Top Tools For Internet Marketing (These Are Used Almost Daily)

In the video below, Peter Day shares 6 internet marketing tools that he has been using almost on a daily basis in 2018.  These are essential: Instabuilder - a really good Wordpress Plugin that allows you to make landing pages, sales pages and all types of pre-sell pages on your Wordpress site. It is [...]

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How to Get the Most From Attending Conferences

In a few weeks Peter and I will be attending Affiliate Summit West in Vegas for their annual conference. We usually attend 2-3 internet marketing conferences per year. Some of the best connections that we have made in the internet marketing industry have come out of attending conferences. In this post I am going to [...]

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Facebook Video Ad Hacks

Its no secret that Facebook is the most powerful ad platform of this decade. The best thing you could possibly do to grow your business is learn how to master FB ads. In this article we will go through an overview of whats working well for Facebook ads. 20 years ago the average American would [...]

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How To Last In The Industry

In the five years so far that i’ve been doing internet marketing (mostly affiliate marketing) there have been a lot of ups and downs. If you’ve been in the industry a while you know what i’m talking about. This space is incredibly volatile. The internet marketing industry is very much a sink or swim environment. [...]

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Are You Taking Enough Risk?

An entrepreneur by definition is a person who takes risk for the potential of high rewards. There are many people that consider themselves entrepreneurs because they work for themselves, but are they really entrepreneurs? Are you actually taking significant risks to grow your business? Or are you just playing it safe to generate “safe” returns? [...]

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