You Must Be Attending Live Events! Affiliate Marketing

Written by Peter Day

Hey guys, Peter Day here and welcome to this short blog post covering a few tips for attending live events.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you should be attending all the live industry events that you can such as; Affiliate Summit, Affiliate World, LeadsCon, and private mastermind events.

I’ve noticed that it can be challenging for affiliates to succeed when they are just sitting in their house and not meeting any other affiliates or networking.

Sometimes you have to go out and get opportunities rather than just wait for opportunities to fall at your feet.

Allow me to offer some advice about what to do when you attend these events.

1. Go to events knowing what you are looking for

I have developed a tendency that when I’m on the plane, to have a notepad and write down everything I want to get out of the event I am flying to.

Let’s say I’m flying to Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West. I‘d write down a list of everything that I want to get out of the event: I want to meet a person who can help me with native ads, I want to find more car insurance offers, I want to get a network to pay me weekly — whatever it is.

I have been going into every single event with a list of at least 3-6 things that I’m specifically looking to get out of it.

When you are looking for something, it’s very possible that it will fall into place.

If you’re thinking about red cars all day, and a red car drives by, you might happen to notice it more than a silver car.

Don’t just walk around aimlessly, have a bullet point list of 3-6 things you want to get out of the event. Every time I’ve done that, I have usually come home with the goals achieved.

2. Get introductions

This brings me to my second tip, which is that even if the person you are talking to at an event doesn’t have what you are looking for, ask them if they know anyone who has what you are looking for.

For example, imagine you’re looking for a car loan offer, and you’re talking to someone who is in the solar space. You can say, “by any chance, do you know any friends or other advertisers that do car loans?” And they might say, “I actually do know a network that specializes in the car vertical”, and then you can ask, “Do you mind if you refer them to me, or can you open up a Skype chat and introduce them to me?”

Use your networking more effectively!


#1 – go to live events
#2 – go with a list of at least 3-6 things that you are looking to achieve from live events
#3: get people to refer you to others.

These things are going to increase your ROI at live events.

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