Tyler Day’s First Check

Written by Tyler Day

Tyler Day’s First Check

I remember it so clearly. The first affiliate commission check I ever received in 2012. The amount on the check was $109.77.

Not an earth-shattering amount, but significant nonetheless. You see, it was this first check that changed the course of my life forever. Prior to receiving this check, all I had was a vision.

My vision was to leave behind a life of mediocrity, just scraping by, and truly live on my own terms.

In high school, I could have easily been voted “most unlikely to succeed.” I made little effort in school – I was a trouble maker, I skipped classes, and I had no clear direction or purpose (like most teenagers.)

However, when I turned 18, I flipped the script. I decided to learn new skills so I began training with my brother Peter who taught me about internet marketing.

I also made a conscious effort to start reading books about money and success.

I grew up in a very prosperous town, Greenwich CT, but I was definitely not rich. My family had some very hard times in 2009 that made financial resources very scarce.

My mom lost her job after the financial meltdown when the company she worked for went bankrupt. Seeing the struggle that my parents went through during this time opened my eyes to the importance of financial freedom, and the “insecurity” of having a job.

I decided that I did not want to rely on any boss, or job, to provide my financial security. I decided I would never be a victim of the economy.

Instead, I made the decision to create my own economy. I decided to create my own financial ecosystem where the ups and downs started and ended with my own ability to produce.

When I finally made my first commission through affiliate marketing, I was beyond ecstatic. My goal at that point was to just make a few thousand dollars per month, so I didn’t have to rely on my parents or go get a job.

I had absolutely no idea that affiliate marketing would provide a life that I could have only dreamed of (after struggling hard for a few years.)

The reason why this check was so significant is that it gave me a sense of winning. It provided me with the motivation to push forward when I struggled on a daily basis to find success online over the next two years (2012-2014).

It was this check that would become the catalyst for tremendous results later down the road.

I was watching a survival show on TV where the actor had to survive in the desert for 4 days. After 24 hours he had drunk no water, finally, he was able to collect a few drops of water.

These few little drops, while virtually useless from a hydration standpoint, gave him the mental strength to move forward. Getting results in business when you are struggling is a similar feeling.

When you are first getting started, 90% of the game is mental. Most people give up because they have had no taste of success or no wins. I get it, I was very close to giving up myself too.

As a matter of fact, I did give up in 2014, but eventually, I kept moving forward.

It is this determination to win that has allowed Peter and me to produce massive results in our business. It was this $109 check that laid the foundation for the 5-figure days we would experience down the road.

Many gurus out there tell people to “fail often, fail early”, etc. I disagree. I believe that you should try to get a win under your belt as soon as possible. The faster you are able to get results, the more confidence you will have in your own ability to produce.

Keep pushing forward and don’t let lack of results cause you to walk away from your dreams like I almost did. I promise that if you learn from the right mentors and keep trying, eventually you will accomplish your goals.

– Tyler Day