Recently I was invited to speak at a university (Charleston Southern University) where I live in Charleston, SC. In this video I tell my story of how I got started in business, how I overcame certain struggles and give 4 key lessons for young aspiring entrepreneurs.

You can watch the video below here:



There were many times when I was trying to figure things out that I felt like quitting. For years I felt like I was completely spinning my wheels and making no progress. However what I didn’t realize at the time was that the trial and error I was going through was building a foundation for great results in the future. I learned the hard way what worked and what didn’t work to get results online, and over time did less of what didn’t work and more of what did. Most people quit right before they are about to have a breakthrough. Realize that this is part of the process and if you keep at it long enough you can eventually succeed.



Over the past 6 years I have had many mentors that have helped me progress in business. I did not start to see results in my business until I started to invested heavily into great mentors. Some mentors were peers that gave me information for free in exchange for knowledge I had. Some mentors I paid to get access to. Find a good mentor who has your best interest in mind and has achieved what you want to accomplish. Learning from a good mentor (or several) can help you skip entire levels in the game.



Starting to learn and develop your craft at a young age can give you a sure advantage. The younger you can start the better. There will likely be a several year period where you fail. You should expect this. Therefore, the sooner you can get started going through that process the better. The best time to go out on a limb is when you are young or even still in college. When you are older and have a family and a mortgage you won’t be able to take the same amount of risk. College is a great time to start experimenting on the side with business. If you fail, you can just go back to your dorm room and figure things out the next day. I went through a several year period of making no profit, but these years were in the freshman / softmore year of college. By the time I finished college I was making a significant amount of money online.



When you are young, the only thing you should be investing in is yourself. Forget stocks. Forget bitcoin. Investing in yourself will give you a much better return on investment than anything else. Find out what area you want to learn more about and invest into books, courses, youtube videos, live events and more. Ultimately the key to your success is going to be directly proportional to your level of skill and knowledge in your specific craft. Spending money on training/consulting is not optional. It is impossible to figure everything out on your own.

– Tyler Day

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