Recently we did a podcast for Seven Figure Entrepreneur and dropped a few knowledge bombs on FB ads and team building. In this episode we talk about how we grow our business with a team of media buyers and other secrets.

Here is the podcast below


When your first getting started in business, its ok to be a one man show. As a matter of fact its probably best that you learn how to do everything at some basic level. If you have an idea how to run each aspect of your business (even though you won’t be great at everything) you will be able to gauge how much time it will take for certain tasks once you hire someone, and be able to gauge quality.

However, as you continue to grow to bigger numbers, you will need a team. In the internet marketing business the most valuable person you can bring onto your team is a good media buyer. This will help ease the load of managing all of the ad campaigns for your business. A good media buyer can progress your business to the next level while you have more time to focus on actually running your business, bring on new clients, offers, etc.


FB is always changing for how their ad platform works. The biggest change lately was they started banning entire business managers. A great way to combat this is the have multiple business managers, and even borrow a friends if need be.

The next change is that FB is getting slightly more expensive. We used to get results for 1/3 of the cost in 2015. The way we have been able to combat this is to become better marketers. We have had to become better at writing ad copy, finding compelling images, making catchy videos, and building sites that convert highly. FB is not going to get any cheaper, but the one lever you have control over is your ability to become a better marketer. You can always out compete people and win the auction by simply having a more compelling headline or img/vid than your competitor.



Alot of our progress in business has been attributed to reinvesting a percentage of our profit back into attending live events and other courses. If you want to get to the next level quicker the best way to advance is to get paid coaching from other people. Many people will not share their best secrets for free. We have made our biggest advancements in business by going to events and getting coaching.

Also business is a relationships game. It’s hard to build relationships without actually meeting people in person. We are big proponents of attending live events. We attend about 4 events per year like Affiliate Summit, ADSUM, Traffic & Conversions Summit and Leads Con. We have gotten some of our best clients by meeting them in person at a live event. Most of the time you will need to meet clients in person to close bigger deals.


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