So pumped up, I picked up this A8 just the other day in New Jersey.

I can tell you for about 4 years I was itching to get an Audi. They are so smooth,
comfortable, quiet (depending on the model), the quattro system is great, the power is immediate. Truly a ‘drivers car’, as they put it.

A rookie move in the affiliate industry is to “buy a car” before you really have the money for it.

I was so trying to avoid this move, that I waited 4 years to get anything new at all.

Tyler was a bit different, he picked up a Porsche Macan pretty much his first year into affiliate marketing, but Hey, it worked out for him.

Guy’s if you are into cars…

Buy Used. Check out this A8, its used, and you wouldn’t even know it.

Here’s some pics of the A8:


All around I like it!

I want to give you a snapshot on some stuff Tyler and I are working on behind the scenes.

First of all, personal coaching. We kind of took a break from coaching, but we want to start it up again.

We will be opening up a few slots for 1 on 1 coaching.

Keep your eye out in your inbox.

Also keep an ear out for a course launching soon. We can’t go into much details about it. There’s an NDA…

Just keep an eye out. It will be big, and disruptive to the market place.

Keep up the good work,

Peter Day

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