One thing that I see as a common “newbie” mistake, is focusing on the wrong things.

You know what I mean… the little things, that don’t really matter that much.

The “size” of the image. The “color” of the ad. etc etc

Yes, these things are important BUT, these below are more important.

Here’s a list of most important things to focus on.

(From highest to lowest) – The top is the most important.

– Offer

– Your Angle (what’s your Angle) – We go into a lot of training on this in our courses etc

– Your Ads

– Your Lander

Let’s talk about Angle’s a little bit. Angle’s is the “hook” or the “catch”. What is going to lure them in? Like a fish.

If you’re promoting auto insurance, is it the savings? is it the quickness of the quote?

What are you going to focus on as your angle?

This is a short little tid bit, but when you do your next campaign, focus on the 4 things above in that order. If the offer doesn’t work, nothing will in your campaign.

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