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Written by Peter Day

Tips for Networking at Affiliate Summit East (& West)

Hey, guys! How’s it going? It’s Peter Day here, and I’m in New York City making this video.

I’m about to head off to a networking event tonight, so I wanted to make this video to give you some tips on networking, because Tyler and I have closed a lot of big deals in our business by networking at different conferences.

Networking tips #1: Go into the networking event knowing exactly what you’re looking for.

You need to know what your goals are and have two or three things on the top of your mind that you’re specifically looking to get out of any networking event you attend.

Are you looking for more offers?

Are you looking for more clients?

Are you looking to sell your product or service?

Are you looking for someone to give you a tip?

What are you trying to get out of networking? You have to go into networking having a few intentions at least, or else you won’t be able to capitalize on the opportunity as best you can.

So, you have to go in with a few predetermined ideas about what it is you want to achieve.

Networking tips #2: Don’t be shy about approaching new people during a networking event.

Really, make sure to talk with a lot of new people during the event; and make sure you get to know quickly if someone has anything interesting for you. For example: I was networking last night, and there was a guy selling some kind of service. However, it didn’t have anything to do with what we’re looking for right now.

We ended up getting into a conversation, and it was hard to get out of the conversation. It ended up being 10… 12… 14 minutes of talking to this dude about something that, at the end of the day, I didn’t even use.

What I recommend with networking is that you don’t fall into that trap when you meet people. Instead, maybe offer to exchange business cards or connect on social media to avoid drawn-out conversations.

When I go out tonight I’m going to make sure I am productive when networking, and make sure that if someone doesn’t have what I’m looking for, politely say, “Nice meeting you,” or, “We actually need to head out now.”

“I’ll definitely keep that in mind,” and just end it right then and there if a conversation is not interesting.

If there are 50 people in a room, and it’s a networking event, there may only be five to ten people that have something that you’re looking for.

Networking is a numbers game.

You have to come into it with a goal in mind, and try to keep your conversations brief with people who don’t offer what you need.

If you meet people that have something that you think might benefit, you or they have access to some connections that could benefit you—maybe you’re talking to someone and you think, “Wow, I think this person could be a client,” or, “They have some good offers that I could promote,”—definitely get the person’s contact info.

I recommend writing down their details, rather than just taking their business cards, in case you lose the card. At the very least, you should put their contact details on your phone, or try to connect via social media.

Just get out there and network.

Networking is good, I closed two really big deals last night while networking for my business.

One is to promote an offer directly with an advertiser at a higher payout than normal.

Then, Tyler and I closed a deal yesterday where we’re going to be doing a service for a company as an agency.

Last night’s and yesterday’s networking was really productive for us, closing two significant deals that we believe are good opportunities.

The deal in which we’re acting more like an agency or a service will probably earn us roughly $30,000 a month, potentially more.

The deal where we’re going to be promoting the offer directly for a higher commission than normal? That’s the kind of thing where it’s going to be hit or miss.

It might not work at all; we need to test it. If it does work, though, that could turn out to be a six-figure a month campaign for us.

So, we’re at Affiliate Summit East this week.

We’re just a few days into the Summit and networking, and Tyler and I are aggressively networking, getting more deals, and expanding our business.

Already, we have closed two very good deals, and that was just the first day.

We’re going to two networking events tonight, and we’re going to be in NYC at the Summit for the next five days.

I wanted to give you a couple of networking tips, because we closed two deals yesterday – showing that this stuff is important, and more importantly, that it works.

We’ve closed a ton of deals in the past by networking, and we really try to get the absolute highest return on our investment from going to these conferences.

We’re investing our time. I mean, we’re here for a week.

We have to travel, and thankfully, we actually have a nice place to stay in the city—that’s where I’ve been recording these videos from.

Hopefully, this post will help you to get into the right mindset with some tips about networking.

If you’re just in a cave in your house trying to make a success of internet marketing, you’re going to struggle – you must put yourself out there.

Go to Affiliate Summit East or Affiliate Summit West; or, go to Affiliate World, Lead Con, or Mail Con.

Attend some masterminds, get out to some of these conferences; because the people there? They have offers.

They could be potential clients of yours. You could use your skill with Facebook ads to promote their products and generate revenue.

You could use something you’re good at, like making landing pages, and, in talking to someone, find that they really need a landing page.

Go into networking knowing exactly what you’re looking for.

Be aggressive and try to talk to a lot of people.

Try to sift through people relatively quickly—not in a rude way—but try to get out of the conversation if they don’t have what you’re looking for.

Say, “Nice to meet you; I’ll definitely keep that in mind, but that’s not what I do much of right now. Definitely nice to meet you,” etc. Move on to other people.

Again, it’s a numbers game, so if there are 50 people in the room, you’re really looking for those three people that might have a million-dollar deal for you.

So, this is Peter, I’m going to head back out and network some more, but I wanted to make this video before I left to give you guys some networking tips that you can act on.

Let me know in the comments below if you guys have found success through networking at conferences or not, and share your tips to supercharge network growth.

And, if there are any affiliate or digital marketing topics you are currently struggling with, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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