Email Marketing ROI

Written by Peter Day

In this video, I’m going to cover a few topics; number one, why you should be building email lists in your business.

We feel like over and over again affiliate marketers are trying to build a good business; they’re trying to build a big business, but what happens if the campaign you are promoting stops working?

I mean if you’ve been in affiliate marketing for a while now, you can probably tell me how many times you’ve had a promising & profitable campaign that for some reason or another has stopped succeeding for you.

Maybe the ‘monthly cap‘ ran out on the offer, or just something, you know what I’m talking about; it’s happened a million times for affiliate marketers, but I think the big issue is that affiliate marketers are not building email lists as they should.

Thankfully, when Tyler and I started doing affiliate marketing, seven or eight years ago, the way we learned how to do affiliate marketing was through building our own email lists.

So, that’s how we started and that’s what we’re still doing today as a core part of our strategy: Building email lists and the benefit is that, even if your campaign stops succeeding or stops profiting on Facebook, let’s say you have a Mail Chimp or a Get Response account or whatever system you’re using, and you have 50,000 leads—that’s going to carry on working for you for some time.

An email list of 50,000 leads, to be honest?

If you have a good email list of 50,000 or 100,000 leads, that could possibly earn you enough income for the next calendar year (or longer).

It depends on how responsive the list is and the way it’s handled.

But, let’s say you have some campaigns, and they stop working. They fail. Instead of being stressed out and thinking, “Where is my next dollar coming from?!” If you have email lists that you can mail, that’s where your next dollar is coming from.

You have to be thinking ahead. You have to be thinking way ahead, formatting your business around building an email list.

Make sure you have ways for your subscribers to subscribe. Make sure if you’re doing landing pages, you have places where they can submit their email. And, make sure those leads are going into an email list.

Make sure you have some follow up emails, and it’s something that you have to plan ahead of time because if you’re a year or two down the road?

It’s something you should have been doing a year or two ago, so just make sure that you’re building email lists in your business.

Make sure you take it seriously because it’s something that people have been neglecting in the affiliate business.

I can’t tell you how many guys I know, a lot of the full-time guys that I know, the reason why they’re able to be full time is that they have really solid email lists.

I know two guys who are really good marketers and yes, just like everyone has, their campaigns have been good and bad at times, but they’ve never failed to make a good income in this industry because they have 100,000 leads or a good list of 65,000 leads or something.

Campaigns might go up and down, they may stop profiting for you on Facebook or Google Ads or something, but who’s going to take away your email list? You can save it on your computer, you can put it on an external hard drive, you can back it up, and you can earn money from that list over a long period of time.

This video is really about the benefits of building your email lists, and the key takeaway here is that you need to start and make it a priority at first.

You can’t be doing your campaigns and then four years later be like, “Oh man… I wish I had been building an email list… from the start!”

It’s something that builds over time.

Tyler and I have been doing this for seven years, and we have generated around 1.5 million leads, first-party, ourselves, over seven years.

You might not build a list of 1 million leads overnight, but over seven years you can. If you do the math, it’s something that grows over time.

For us, it’s just been a core part of our business, and we think it’s a way for affiliates, and even advertisers, to diversify in a stronger way in their business by having that email asset.

So, the core emphasis of this video is just get started with it, and if you have any questions for us, we put a few ways for you to contact us.

If you go to the menu of the blog we have a contact us page. We put some banners, we literally made it so we’re accessible on this blog.

If you send a message we actually have somebody monitoring it and if we feel like it’s a really important message, we may even get back to you on a personal basis.

Don’t feel bad if we don’t get back to you personally; we may have an assistant get back to you, or the message might just sit in the inbox, but if we feel like that message is important don’t be surprised if we reach out even on a personal level.

Thank you for visiting the site, and, again, make sure you’re building a strong business that has many legs.

Make sure that is something that you’re taking seriously from the start of your campaigns. Build it into your model, and don’t regret six years later never generating any leads or building any email lists – because campaigns don’t last forever!

They may be really hot for you for a year or two, six months, or three or four months, but what does last longer is email lists. It’s a huge asset to your business.

I’m checking off here, but I’ll talk soon, and we’ll see you in a new video in a little bit. Subscribe to my blog, become an email subscriber for us and we’ll send you some training updates. Along the way, look for popups and whatever we’ve got to collect leads. Do that and make sure you’re collecting leads in your business.

Keep on pushing forward and getting success in your affiliate business. Have a good day, and we’ll talk in a little bit.