How Nate Lind Escaped His Job & Did $30 million+ Online

Written by Tyler Day

Nate Lind, a good buddy of mine and also one of our mentors, runs some of the most prominent events and masterminds in the affiliate marketing industry. He has helped me expand my network and transform my way of thinking.

All his life he constantly expanded his knowledge with podcasts and books — “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki had a life-changing impact on him, and he decided to be his own boss. He flipped 75 homes in his 20s before the housing market crashed.

He then got a remote job with Bank of America commanding a $120k+ salary but used it to save up for a bold move. In 2011 he partnered up with a prominent affiliate marketer to buy a supplement company, who — after an initial year of stagnation — helped make it a success, generating $1m revenue in 2 months.

By doing this, he learned about the value of having many smaller transactions — the opposite of real estate. This took him to online and into the business of advertisement, as this company utilized the process of CPA affiliate marketing and also had a good funnel.

How did he get into the Events space?

He tried to find events, but at the time the only one was Affiliate Summit, which he felt was quite disorganized. He felt so as well, being so new to this all, walking around not knowing he was not even an affiliate (as his badge said) but an advertiser.

But knowing that he had to be surrounded by more knowledgeable people in order to be a better seller, he attended the few physical events that existed. (Remember: no FB or Skype groups at the time!) The community was small but growing.

He hosted his very first event called Continuity Council as a passion project. “Continuity” is a lingo for the subscription model most Health & Beauty merchants follow. He invited people that he had gotten to know through connections so that everyone can walk away with new, specific, actionable things they learned from each other.

Having started many projects so far, what’s his secret, his strategies?
Actually, there is no single methodology, and often, it takes luck and good timing. He recommends delving into the topics of visualization, personal development, meditation; reading a specific book called “Scaling Up” by Verne Harnish that unlocks strategies for startups scaling up their businesses, and attending Charles Byrd’s Evernote course.

What does he recommend to people who aspire to become their own bosses? Hanging out with entrepreneurs and going to events! Face to face interactions. In his words, sometimes such experiences can be like a “seed that just explodes when you add some water to it”.

What are the various levels of masterminds he hosts?

14-15 November 2019 in Fort Worth, Texas: upper-level masterminds called eCom Legends
21-28 March 2020: Sellers’ Cruise ( for all skill levels. Excursion, adventure, peer learning. A great opportunity to see what an event looks like.

Can you get in touch with him? Absolutely. He is very public and open to talking to people.



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