How “Anchors” Can Save Your Business & Your Life

Written by Tyler Day

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Over the course of seven years so far as an entrepreneur, I have experienced a wide range of emotions, from what can only be described as utter euphoria, to complete despair.

The ups and downs of business are something that you sign up for when deciding to become an entrepreneur. There will always be things out of your control that happen. The mental framework for handling these ups and downs can either make you stronger or completely destroy you.

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner could make is to hinge their day to day emotions on the short term swings in their business. The business world is not an emotional place and if you get too caught up within your own head, it can lead to failure.

On the other hand, letting yourself bask in your own glory after a big win can be even more dangerous; you are at the biggest risk of a loss right after a big win.

Years ago, I found a helpful way of dealing with the ups and downs in business. Instead of basing my day to day happiness on how much money I made (or lost,) I came up with a healthy and productive solution that has worked very well to keep my emotions in check.

I decided to create an “anchor”.

What Is An Anchor?

An anchor can be described as a productive activity that you do every day that is conducive to your health, happiness, and overall wellbeing. It is an activity, that once completed, you will be happy knowing that you have had a successful day.

For me, exercise has become my anchor.

For some time now, I have stopped basing my day to day happiness and emotions on what has transpired in business that day. Instead, I decided to judge the success of my day on whether or not I had completed my workout routine for the day.

Since making this change a while back I have noticed an improvement in my emotional stability, and my level of stress has significantly reduced – both were typically tied to my daily business beforehand.

I have also noticed a massive difference in my ability to focus, as well as my overall health.

My workout routine takes about 90 minutes to complete and is not easy at all. However, I know that if I complete it I can rest easy afterward, knowing that I have accomplished something, regardless of how much money was made (or lost) that day.

An anchor does not have to be a workout routine. It can be anything that leads to more health, happiness or better personal relationships.

Here are some further examples of anchors:

  • Having dinner with your spouse
  • Kissing your children goodnight
  • Cooking a healthy meal
  • Playing your favorite instrument
  • Hanging out with friends who make you happy

Here are some examples of what is NOT an anchor:

  • Smoking
  • Having a beer or wine
  • Watching TV
  • Playing videogames

When you stop basing your day to day emotions on the state of your business, everything changes. One of the best side effects is the personal sense of fulfillment that comes from completing your anchor.

You will also start to notice several changes over time to your health, relationships, and quality of life. Not to mention that your business will also likely grow and improve as well; as you are less stressed and less tied to your emotions.

Many people have anchors yet don’t realize it. Others may not have any sort of anchor at all.

If you are wondering what your anchor could be, it’s simple to figure out – do what makes you feel fulfilled.

It shouldn’t be at all related to money or work, also, it cannot be linked to any substance that you could abuse. It must be something that you can do every single day and it must be healthy & conducive to your overall well being.

What is your anchor? Comment below!

Tyler D.