Facebook Video Ads Best Practices

Written by Tyler Day

Create Your Best Facebook Video Ads

It’s no secret that Facebook is the most powerful ad platform of this decade. The best thing you could possibly do to grow your business is to learn how to master Facebook video ads best practices. In this article, we will go through an overview of what’s working well for Facebook ads.

20 years ago the average American would spend hours a day watching TV. Today is no different, except the video content is beginning to shift to Facebook.

Now, instead of watching TV mindlessly every day, users are now mindlessly scrolling and watching videos in their news feeds.

Currently, one of the best-kept secrets in FB ads is videos.

Statistically the CPMs are cheaper right now across the board for video ads than images. Why?

Less competition.

It takes way more work to create a good video ad than it does to create an image ad.

If you want to make a good video you need to either pay someone to make one or spend hours doing it yourself. Not to say image ads don’t work because they do.

I use both image and video ads in my business. There are endless possibilities for making good video ads.

Tailoring Your Message:

When you’re making a video its important to focus on best practices by emphasizing more of the “user benefits” of your product or service, rather than the technical details of the product or service itself.

Example: Let us say your company is a service that delivers meals and recipes to people’s doors on a weekly basis.

There are two different approaches that you could focus on in your ad. The first approach focuses on the details of the food itself.

– Non GMO

– Organic

– Sourced Locally

The second approach instead focuses on the user benefit.

The pitch proceeds,

“Have you been finding your life increasingly getting busier and find less and less time to go to the grocery store? Have you considered a meal delivery service? On average our customers save X hours per week by having their meals delivered right to their door.”

The latter approach will be much more effective.

Whenever you can focus on human desires like saving time, money, energy, etc and describe how your product can do this for them, you will get a much better response.

Split Testing

When it comes to headlines you will want to test at least 10 different versions. Sometimes I am surprised about what headlines will outperform others.

Try testing long 200 word headlines with 2-3 calls to action and links. Also, try short, one-sentence headlines. You never know which will do better.

For video ads, I have found that generally speaking videos less than 60 seconds long perform the best. Generally, people have short attention spans while scrolling through the news feed or in IG so you want to keep things as concise as possible.

Doing very short 10-15 second videos can work well too with a few slides or a static image.

Another ad strategy that works well is combining a video ad with pictures in a carousel. These can get great results by giving the user more options to click.

Try making the first slide in the carousel a short video and then have 2-3 more images in the carousel with a call to action.

Let me know if these are helpful tips relating to Facebook video ads best practices.