Every internet marketer asks the same question. “What should I test?” The short answer: everything. However I realize that’s not good enough. So let me lay out the 80/20 of what you should test FIRST when launching an ad campaign. For those of you who are not familiar with “The Pareto Principle” or the 80/20 rule, it means that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your actions. This is true in most things in life and especially in business.

First and foremost, test your offer. What are you selling? Is there even any demand for it? Is this something that will actually sell in front of a cold or warm audience? (I.E. Will this convert?)
In most cases, the answer to this is no. Its your job to find the right offer.

Once you have found an offer you think will convert,

The next test is your ad copy itself. I would say beside the offer, ad copy is the most important factor of any campaign to test.

The Internet marketing atmosphere is a hectic place.

How are you going to reach out and snatch someone’s attention?

Are you running Facebook ads?

Test 15 different headlines.

Take the winning headline and test that headline across 15 different images.

Split test the winning image / headline combination against 15 different video ads.

On Facebook there are thousands of different split tests you can do including:

– audience
– type of ad
– conversion objective
– Which placement (desktop,mobile,audience network, instagram etc)

The list goes on.

But it all starts with your ad copy.

If your ad copy is good it will make everything else run smoother while testing.

The third most important thing I would recommend you test is your sales funnel after someone clicks your ad.

Test using one landing page.

Then test a series of alterations derived from how that page performs.

There are online tools called “heat trackers” to map the user experience on your website. This is a more advanced strategy but helps you see where you need to make improvements. (Pro tip: only use heat trackers during the testing phase of a lander. Remove the JavaScript from your page when you are done testing. These will slow down your pages load time when used at scale)


In summary, here are the three phases of testing.
1) Offer
2) Ad Copy
3) Landing page / funnel


There are many more tests you can dive into within these 3 but we will leave the list at that.

Happy testing




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