Hey guys, it’s Peter Day here, with some CPA marketing training. This training is mostly for beginners who are struggling in the industry. There are two groups of people. There are people in the industry that are very advanced, making seven figures a year in revenue in their affiliate marketing business — people that are just crushing it in a super significant way. And then there’s another group of people that are struggling, just getting started.

I want to tell you a little bit about our story and our venture into CPA Marketing.

Tyler and I are about eight years into our entire journey of Internet Marketing, but it didn’t start with much of a bang at all.

About eight years ago, Tyler and I were in college, and we struggled for about three years to make any money in affiliate marketing In this CPA Marketing Training post, I’m going to share with you four tips that got us to be successful.

CPA Marketing Training Tip:

“The main breakthrough was finding a mentor. We went from struggling to earning more in a month, then we had in years prior…”

We were about two and a half years into our journey of affiliate marketing, and we had joined some mainstream affiliate networks — the top five affiliate networks out there. We tried some different offers like rent-to-own offers, and we actually succeeded pretty well with them after we got some training. Then we tried pet offers, sweepstakes offers, etc., but we couldn’t figure out how to possibly make a good profit.

One day, my brother Tyler, saw someone’s post on their Facebook wall that they were having success in CPA marketing and came up with this idea that we should contact this individual for some one-on-one CPA marketing training.

My brother and I wanted to go full time, and we were struggling at the time. We saw this guy post screenshots on his Facebook wall such as, “Hey, I did $1,000 a day”. He wasn’t showing any offers that he was running; he was just bragging. He was trying to sell a CPA marketing training course and convince people to buy it with his Facebook posts.

My brother came up with this idea to contact the person and buy a larger package with one-on-one coaching included. He contacted this individual and paid him about $10,000, of which $7,500 was for the coaching, the rest was for the course. Although the course was good, the coaching was great: the mentor showed us exact offers that he was running, exact campaigns and traffic sources.

It was almost cookie-cutter success right away for us.

We essentially implemented the exact campaigns he showed us. It was immediately profitable, as it made more money in a week than we had ever made in a month prior.

These CPA Marketing Training Tips helped us, (and we continue to put them into practice):

1: Find a Good Mentor

Pay for some one-on-one coaching. But be careful and pick the right mentor. Tyler and I, we got a little bit excited and found a second guy who completely scammed us: he took our $2,000 and disappeared. I was able to file a chargeback through Google Wallet, but they only gave $1,000 back. Find someone reputable that you can trust. Our first mentor opportunity was probably the biggest catalyst for our business success. It’s worth it, when you find the right person.

2: Buy Courses/ CPA Marketing Training

The second tip is to buy a course. We actually bought a lot of courses ourselves. If you notice a theme here, almost every single one of these tips is learning.

3: Attend Live Events (Lot’s of them)

The third tip is also about learning: attend live events. We have been attending a lot of live events, through which we have gotten a lot of business partnerships and exclusive campaigns, and we have met other affiliates that shared details about how they were promoting things. The actual ROI from live events have been in the multiple seven figures for us in the last two years.

4: Network With Other Affiliates

The fourth tip is to network with other affiliates. There was a point of time when Tyler and I built a really good friendship with a couple of other affiliates about three years ago. We were chatting a lot on Skype and over the phone. It was just a friendship with these other affiliates, and we learned so much. They taught us how to do certain things on Facebook ads; tricks on promoting image ads and carousel ads on Facebook.

I was helping them with a lot of email marketing stuff, so it was a great win-win mutual sharing relationship. Exchanging knowledge is extremely beneficial to our business.


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So those are the four tips guys.

Stay tuned for more training videos. In the meantime, go through our blog Optimize to Convert and keep watching all of the past free training videos there. Watch out for something in the next four weeks. We have a special launch coming up. I can’t say too many details because we have a partner on the launch who you guys are well familiar with. But keep an eye out for this. You’ll be seeing a lot of buzz about it in the community, on our blog, on the internet. I hope all this stuff does take your business to the next level.

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