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ManyChat Bot Tutorial

MANYCHAT BOT TUTORIAL Being able to instantly communicate with someone back and forth in a threaded message conversation really started in the early 90s. Who remembers AOL? It was cool to be able to instantaneously have a conversation with your friends. That was obviously a very slow mode of communication. We also have the phone. [...]

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A/B Testing Deep Dive

Volume is Key For Obtaining Statistically Significant Results. Today, we will talk about A/B testing, or more specifically, some of the statistics behind A/B testing. People tend to abuse this a little, so it helps to have an intuitive understanding of what's going on under the hood, so to speak. First, we should ask why [...]

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How To Increase Your Creativity And Your Income

As a marketer, I have found that the biggest lever for success is creativity. It's no surprise why ads are called "creatives" in marketing. The better your "creatives" are, the more sales you generate and the more money is made. The ability to consistently generate better ideas for ads can set you far apart from [...]

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How I made $20,000 my first month running Facebook ads for clients

You can do this too, even if you have absolutely NO idea where to begin!!! With over two BILLION (and yes, Billion with a ‘B’) active Facebook users on the social media platform there is no better time to start a Social Media Marketing Agency or “SMMA” than now! Whether you are in e-commerce, real [...]

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Affiliate Marketing: The Tried and True Guide

Affiliate marketing - you’ve likely heard of it before and perhaps you’ve even tried it. But what is affiliate marketing really about, and how can you leverage it to truly live that laptop lifestyle we all desire? This is a question that many folks don’t know the answer it. But in this insanely detailed guide, [...]

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The Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to a Winning Affiliate Offer

The most important part of any affiliate campaign is the offer. If the offer doesn’t convert, then nothing else matters. By now, you all should know that we need be testing multiple offers and we should be testing as quickly and effectively as possible. But how do I know which offer is the best? There are [...]

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How To Earn A Full-Time Income Doing Lead Generation

My journey as a marketer started in 2012 when I figured out that people were making tons of money online doing something called "affiliate marketing". Affiliate marketing is basically selling other people's products for commission. I started in 2012 selling other people's courses on a blog that I had, and then soon figured out paid [...]

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