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How To Place A Pixel When The Offer Won’t Allow It

How To Place A Pixel When The Offer Won’t Allow Today I'm going to teach you a clever strategy when the affiliate marketing offer that you're promoting won't allow you to place a pixel. For Facebook ads, placing a pixel is incredibly important because you can't tell which ads work without it. It's simpler in [...]

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Hot Affiliate Marketing Offers and Verticals

Hey, it's Peter Day here to talk with you today about affiliate marketing offers. It’s a really important topic because affiliate marketing offers and verticals can be crucial to your success. There are three or four verticals in particular that we really like on Facebook to enhance our efforts for the greatest success. Watch the [...]

November 26th, 2019|Blog Post|1 Comment

FB Ad Testing Strategy

A FB Ad Testing Strategy That Works Here is a basic FB ad testing strategy that is simple, and works well. Let's say that you're launching a brand new campaign that you've never run before. The best way to structure testing is to pick 1 interest closely related to your audience, or use a lookalike [...]

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Affiliate Marketing Offer Testing Strategy

Affiliate Marketing Offer Testing - (Strategy Video) Hey, it's Peter Day here with Optimize to Convert. Today I will talk about two common mistakes that I see regarding affiliate marketing offer testing: Testing an offer with too little money orTesting a bad offer for too long Basic principles for Affiliate Marketing Offer testing: When you [...]

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Bobbie Lind: How Affiliates Can Improve Copywriting

Hey, guys! Bobbie is an expert copywriter and a member of the Affiliates Ask Anything group on Facebook — you might have seen her commenting on some posts, giving copywriting-related advice. I met Bobbie in person about four months, and she gave us some really great actionable advice for copywriting. We brought her on for [...]

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Why Some Affiliates Win BIG & Some Don’t

Hey, Tyler here. Today, I will talk about why some affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs tend to get ahead much quicker than other people. You may have noticed the phenomenon in the affiliate marketing space that some people end up struggling for a long time without much success, while other people seem to grasp it quickly, [...]

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Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources To Use For Beginning

Top Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources To Start With Hi guys, Peter Day here. In this video/article will talk about top affiliate marketing traffic sources, and which ones affiliate marketers should start with. If you are new, due to the learning curve I recommend that you start with one traffic source only. In this industry, there [...]

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Affiliate Lead Generation – How To Test FB Ads Effectively

How To Test FB Ads Effectively For Affiliate Marketing Lead Generation There are many ways to run Facebook ads. Any time you hear someone talking about Facebook strategies, keep in mind that there are always multiple strategies — so do your research! This is one of mine that I’ve named "Creatives -> Audiences -> Creatives" [...]

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Darren Blatt AKA “D-Money” on the Origins of Affiliate Marketing and “The Players Ball”

How did Darren get into the affiliate industry? Quite accidentally. By around '97, he had a very successful alarm company. One of his clients had a company and offered him a position to do marketing. So, he left his alarm center company and joined forces with them. He called each client on their top list [...]

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Keith Kouzmanoff on the Early Days of Email & How to Inbox Now

How did Keith start out? Keith is known for being one of the top 25 most influential email marketers in the world. He started in business with his sister before the dot-com bubble, doing email authentication, using vpopmail on the MTA (Mail Transfer Agent), and his first customer was Bob Parsons with a mere $50 [...]

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You Must Be Attending Live Events! Affiliate Marketing

Hey guys, it is Peter Day here and welcome to this short blog post covering a few tips for attending live events. If you are an affiliate marketer, you should be attending all the live events you can in the industry like Affiliate Summit, Affiliate World, LeadsCon also there are masterminds and people are always [...]

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CPA Marketing Training for Beginners – 4 Steps to Accelerate Your Training

Hey guys, it's Peter Day here, with some CPA marketing training. This training is mostly for beginners who are struggling in the industry. There are two groups of people. There are people in the industry that are very advanced, making seven figures a year in revenue in their affiliate marketing business — people that are [...]

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