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The Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to a Winning Affiliate Offer

The most important part of any affiliate campaign is the offer. If the offer doesn’t convert, then nothing else matters. By now, you all should know that we need be testing multiple offers and we should be testing as quickly and effectively as possible. But how do I know which offer is the best? There are [...]

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How To Earn A Full-Time Income Doing Lead Generation

My journey as a marketer started in 2012 when I figured out that people were making tons of money online doing something called "affiliate marketing". Affiliate marketing is basically selling other people's products for commission. I started in 2012 selling other people's courses on a blog that I had, and then soon figured out paid [...]

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(Postcast) The Day Brothers on Building A Million Dollar Team

Recently we did a podcast for Seven Figure Entrepreneur and dropped a few knowledge bombs on FB ads and team building. In this episode we talk about how we grow our business with a team of media buyers and other secrets. Here is the podcast below WHY YOU NEED A TEAM When your first getting [...]

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Networking At Events – Tips For Affiliate Summit East (and West) – Affiliate World

Hey, guys! How’s it going? It’s Peter Day here, and I’m in New York City making this video. I’m about to head off to a few networking events tonight, so I wanted to make this video to give you some tips on networking, because Tyler and I have closed a lot of big deals in [...]

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Tyler Day’s First Check

  Tyler Day's First Check I remember it so clearly. The first affiliate commission check I ever received in 2012. The amount on the check was $109.77. Not an earth shattering amount, but significant nonetheless. See it was this first check that changed the course of my life forever. Prior to receiving this check all [...]

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Peter Day’s Audi A8

So pumped up, I picked up this A8 just the other day in New Jersey. I can tell you for about 4 years I was itching to get an Audi. They are so smooth, comfortable, quiet (depending on the model), the quattro system is great, the power is immediate. Truly a 'drivers car', as they put [...]

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